Today or Tomorrow will be the first day I meet A-Mi.
I haven't join a friend's pregnancy
Everytime I saw A-Mi kict her mother's belly, I am so surprised that there is a real life inside her
Now, A-Mi is on her to go to this real world
we are so excited
I am so happy for Kevin, Celia, and of course A-Mi

Janice left Greensboro yesterday morning
I did not say any word to her
I didn't even cry for her
I truly think that good friends won't lose contact because of time or space or something
Thus there is no need to emphasize that friends will separate to each other
I think that I just do not like people want others to focus on them
They do more the kind things and I will against them more

BO and I will move this Sunday
I pick up our stuffs these days
Kevin and Celia are very kind to offer a room for us even we need to pay them
I really appreciate them because we can save some money for application fee, deposit fee and a liitle bit rental fee
The only thing that I worry about is that we have different habits.
Will we fight because of these things that our concerns are different
Maybe I think too much
I know that we will lose a little bit our freedom
We have to do things carefully
It's ok for us
After all of the experiences that we have in the USA, we will be stronger and stronger

Thanks God~
For all the things that U give me

PS.I really miss my family 
I think that I should give them a call

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