We have studied Tai Chi Kung Fu (太極工夫) for two weeks.
Our teacher is Taiwanese who takes a Ph.D. program at UNCG as well.
He is a generous person, because we don't have to pay for studying the kung fu.
Sometimes we just need to bring some Coke for him. ha~
Studying the kung fu is a good thing for Brad and I, because we can get up earlier and do this exercise for improving our health.
Every time, after doing Tai Chi Kung Fu we feel more energy inside of us.

This week, Brad and I went to a church where is not far from us to take an English program.
We both want to improve our English.
Brad have connected with an old lady who is named Mary.
She welcomes us to take the English class at that church.
After talking with Mary we went to each of our own class.
My teacher is a lady who is named Linda.
At the beginning of the class she just gave me some pictures and she wanted me to drcribe the pictures.
I could do most of the work.
She said that she just wanted to make sure what kind of levels that I belong to.
I told her that I have prepared the TOEFL test for a while.
She siad that she didn't know what she could do for me, but I could bring the materials of the test and she could help me to prepare for the test.
We did have a wonderful time.
Brad and I are happy for taking the Englisg program.

On that day at night, Brad and I were chating with one of our roomates.
We were talking about our interests.
Vincent said that there are many things that he wants to do, if he doesn't have to go to school for studying.
He won't spend much time for doing the things, but he will do his best to do the things and enjoy them.
For example, One thing that he wants to do is boxing.
He said he won't study boxing for yesrs, maybe just for months, but he will practice until the coach just says that he has made great progress or he attends a competition.
The thing that he told to us is very important.
Sometimes we think too much, but do anything.
The attitude that Vinvent has is the one thing that we need to learn.

There are too many things that we need to learn.
We batter don't spend too much time on people or things that are not worth.
Studying from now is not too late for us.

What a happiness day!!!

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