Summer vacation is coming.
BOBO and I suddenly don't have idea of what to do!
I really hope the day in which we return back to home will come early.
However, we have to do some meaningful things.
We decided to talk to each other in English.
We also bought some children books to read.
I searched some websites that help me pronounce correctly.
Now, I am writting the blog in English.
Hope one day I could speak English as a native American.

My sweet sisters plan to have a party for me.
I appreciate their kindness.
I really want to be there with them as soon as possible.
To imagine that we sing and dance at a KTV room.
That will be lots fun.
I also want to go shopping with them.
Even I don't have too much money to buy some stuffs from drpartment stores.
However, we can go to night market for shopping and eating.
I really miss the food in Taiwan.
I had lots dream about eating at night market in Taiwan.
How fool I am.

I have no mood to do anything.
I can wait to fly back to my sweet home.
I can wait to see my dear family.
I can wait to meet with my lovely friends.
I can wait~I can wait~
What can I do now~
Just wait wait wait~~~
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  • pocketgou
  • Honey ~
    We miss you too~~~
    we are also waiting for your comeing
  • 朵力獅
  • 說那麼多~ 快 回 來..寶貝